Diana Schofield, Ukulele Demonstrations

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In the past decade, ukuleles have regained popularity, partly because they now have geared tuning machines instead of the historical friction pegs.  This makes it much easier to tune.   The charm of a ukulele is that because of its small size, nylon strings, pleasing tone, and only 4 strings,   they are remarkably easy to play. Because they are so affordable, they make a great first instrument  for all ages.  Like all instruments, there is ample room to develop great skills as well.   Stringed instruments have always played a part in the musical heritage of this valley.  Irish, Scottish, Old-time, Gospel, Country, and Bluegrass songs can all be played on this instrument.  Diana will be giving ukulele demonstrations in her booth and you will get to try a ukulele when you stop by!


Heritage Day

Diana Schofield – Ukulele Demonstrations

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